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Here are some 3D images created by some of our members.

This Gallery contains the award-winning images from our 2016-17 season.  
It is displayed in the HTML5 Stereo Viewer created by Masuji Suto in his program StereoPhoto Maker.

Click here to go to the thumbnail index.
Click here to go directly to the viewer.
Directions for using the viewer are below.

How to use the HTML5 Stereo Viewer

The viewer has a row of buttons across the top:

Here is what each button does:
Return   Returns you to the previous web page.
Prev   Previous Image
Next   Next Image
Stereo   Dropdown menu for the stereo viewing method - the
current method selected is shown in the top box.

  Para Parallel eyes
  Cross Cross eyes
  Dubois Dubois Anaglyph (Red-Cyan)
  SPM_Ana. Similar to Dubois, with a different mix of colors (Red-Cyan)
  C_Ana. Color Anaglyph (Red-Cyan)
  Ana. Gray Anaglyph (Red-Cyan)
  Int. Row Interlaced
  V_Int. Column Interlaced
  Single Single Image View (2D)
  SBS50 Side-by-side (50% width) - used by many 3D TVs
Slide   Dropdown menu for Slide Show
Changes the time between images in the slideshow.
  Off Stop Slide Show
  1 Sec. Run Slide Show with 1 sec. Interval
  2 Sec. Run Slide Show with 2 sec. Interval
  3 Sec. Run Slide Show with 3 sec. Interval
  4 Sec. Run Slide Show with 4 sec. Interval
  5 Sec. Run Slide Show with 5 sec. Interval
  6 Sec. Run Slide Show with 6 sec. Interval
  7 Sec. Run Slide Show with 7 sec. Interval
  8 Sec. Run Slide Show with 8 sec. Interval
  9 Sec. Run Slide Show with 9 sec. Interval
L-R   Swap Left/Right images
Zoom   Dropdown menu for Zooming
  Fit Fit To Window
  + Zoom in
  - Zoom out
Full   Full-Screen if supported by browser
Help   Dropdown menu for Help
  Japanese Japnese help page
  English English help page

Shortcuts keys
Enter Full-Screen ON/OFF if supported by browser
Next Image
LeftArrow Previous Image
A Slide Show ON/OFF
1 - 9 Slide Show Interval (Sec.)

Mouse (PC)
Mouse wheel Zoom in/out
Mouse Drag to left Next Image
Mouse Drag to right Previous Image

Touch (iPad/iPhone/Android etc)
Flick to left Next Image
Flick to right Previous Image